Shel Holtz says stop whining about Facebook algorithm changes that reduce the visibility of brand page posts, and figure out how to use it to your advantage.

“Rather than grousing about what no longer works (organic posts in news feeds has dropped about 35%, according to most reports) and take advantage of what does work. For example, people who do see your posts tend to interact with them more—engagement with organic posts from brand pages is actually rising, from from .76% before Facebook tweaked the algorithm to 1.49% in the weeks since. That means (according to AdAge) that “those who do (see your posts) are more likely to have a real affinity for the brand, as opposed to users who may have clicked on the ‘like’ button to enter a contest.”

Read his post:


3 thoughts on “Shel Holtz says…

  1. estelmas

    I really enjoyed the link to the article you provided. I agree with the author and that brands need to quit whining and realize that this change is merely part of the evolution of the platform. Personally I don’t want to see posts for marketing ploys for brands that I am not interested in and I think Facebook has figured that out about their users. Whether or not it’s a ploy to cash in on paid advertising is subjective. If that is so than it’s a win-win situation for Facebook and it’s users. Let’s face it, these brands have been getting a free ride for quite some time now.

    These companies wouldn’t be complaining if they had a well thought out content strategy in place, and “today content is king”. So if they been giving much thought about their content, it’s about time they start. So they’re going to have to work a little harder to get visibility. Boo-hoo! At least the visibility in the brand page news feed will be more meaningful and targeted towards the right audience.

    I say good on Facebook, and brands, it’s time to get to work!

    1. caroldunsmore Post author

      For sure, this makes somebody’s job tougher when it comes to making the metrics look good at the end of the month. But what I found really interesting were the metrics Shel provided showing that engagement is actually higher that it was before. In other words, it is exactly as you say – people don’t pay attn to stuff they don’t want to see.

  2. StephS - prsocialweb

    Great points made by Shel Holz, thanks for sharing this Carol. With any challenge there is opportunity. That engagement metrics are higher than they were before is so interesting – and is a huge opportunity for brands to probe deeper and analyze who exactly their loyal followers are, how they interact and what content, messaging, tone, visuals make them tick. These insights can be used to refine and set benchmarks for social content strategy going forward for wider influence and reach. I don’t follow any uber commercial brands on Facebook, I follow more social or lifestyle-type Pages where I tend to interact a fair deal, and want to see them in my main newsfeed because I don’t want to miss a thing! I co-manage a travel and lifestyle Page on Facebook, and initially I thought these changes were a downer but now I shall embrace the positive side!


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